Instructions 2017


1) Participants (authors of dictionaries) in the project can be individuals older than 6.

2) The task is to create own three-letter dictionary.
The three-letter dictionary means that the author chooses three random letters of the alphabet and for each of them gives at least 19 (nineteen) words which are common in his/her environment.

For example: A + C + M; A - apple, apricot, alphabet...; C -car, cat, cold...; M - mouse, man, money... (in choosen foreign language)

3) The words in the dictionary can be:

  • - drawn
  • - painted
  • - created as collage from pictures

The forms mentioned above cannot be combined, it means, that the whole dictionary has to be drawn, or painted, or created as collage from pictures.

4) Next to each image of a choosen letter there has to be a word in a foreign language and in your mother tongue, and a short sentence or a phrase (in a foreign language), in which the word is used.

      E. g.: butter- maslo: I prefer herb butter.

5) The dictionary can be in these language combinations: ENG, DE, FR, ESP, IT, RU + your mother tongue.

Format of the dictionary

1) Size: A4

2) Words beginning with the same letter can be on the same page, or every word beginning with the same letter can be on separate page.

3) Pages of dictionary can be connected with stapler, binded by comb or plastic binding; each page can be in a punched pocket and inserted in a folder.

4) Dictionary has to have a cover page with these data:
» Title: "My Dictionary From Reality" (in your mother tongue)
» Title in your chosen language combination, e. g.,: if your dictionary is in combination with Spanish, there is also title "Mi diccionario de realidad"
» Language combination, e. g.: Español - Eslovaco
» Chosen letters, e.g.: A + C + M
» Name of the author, e.g.: Michael Creator
» Age, e.g.: 11

» Name of your school, or city if the author of the dictionary participates individually, not through his/her school, e. g.: London Fields Primary School / Budapest

On the cover page there can be an illustration, graphic design, etc..


It is not necessary to register in this project. You just send the dictionary you created.

You have to send your dictionary until 31st of March 2017 to:

IALF, o. z.; Post. priecinok E50, 949 01 Nitra, Slovakia, slogan "MSZR 2017"

In the attached letter include the following information:
» Full name of the author of the dictionary
» Address of the school or parent
» Telephone number of the school or parent
» Name and e-mail address of the responsible teacher or parent

Finalists of the project

The names of the finalists of the project will be published on this website at the end of April, 2017.

The finalists will be chosen according to the instructions - if they followed them, language correctness, creative idea, and number of participants from each country and in each language combination.

From each country there can be maximum three finalists/language.

The finals of the project will be at the national finals of the project called Language Flower 2017 (Jazykový kvet 2017).

Dictionaries of the finalists will be evaluated by votes of the jury and also by the public (visitors).

The winner and the prize

Prize for winners is: diploma + 1 x tablet + 2 x language publication + 2 x pen + 1 x balloon


The organizer has the right for any changes without reasoning.
Participant of the project fully agrees with all the rules mentioned above, and also with the usage of his/her personal data, photos, or videos.
Each winner has to send three photos with the prize after receiving it.
In the case of participating personally in the finals of the project, the participant agrees with photo and video documentation at the event.